Mennonite Genealogy with Michael Penner

Periodicals & Obituaries

Periodicals and obituary repositories can be an important resource when researching your family history. Here are common ones for Mennonites of Prussian/Russian descent.





Bergmann / Wiens



Landmark, Manitoba

Kleine Gemeinde

Periodicals & Obits


Forstei List of 1908

Ukraine Trip 2007

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Periodical/Obit Index


Mennonite Brethren Herald (obit index, online)

Canadian MB. (1961  - present)

Mennonitische Rundschau (obit index 1880-1929 , obit index 1930-2001, general index)

Initially, Russian and North American inter-Mennonite. Since 1960, Canadian MB. (1877 – 2007)

Der Bote (obit index)

Initially, a forum for Russians immigrating to Canada after WWI. Since 1947, GC. (1924 – present)

The Canadian Mennonite (obit index, online)

Initially, Canadian Mennonite Conference, but since the recent merger, also GC. (1953-71, 1997 – present)

Mennonite Reporter

Canadian Mennonite Conference. Preceded by and later replaced by Canadian Mennonite. (1953 – 1997)

Christlicher Bundesbote (obit index)

US GC paper. Merged with Der Bote. (1882-1947)

Mennonite Weekly Review (obit index, online)

Inter-Mennonite, mostly U.S. (1923 – present)


North American and Russian MB. (1884 – 1964)

Christian Leader (online)

US MB (1937 – present)

Christliche Familienfreund (obit index, general index)

Kleine Gemeinde, renamed EMC. (1935 – 1984)

The Messenger (online)

Evangelical Mennonite Conference (1963 – present)

The EMMC Recorder (online)

Evangelical Mennonite Missions Conference. (1964 – present)

Botschafter Der Wahrheit

Holdeman. (1897 – 1969). Messenger of Truth was the follow-on publication.

Herald of Truth (1864-1908), Gospel Witness (1905-1908), Gospel Herald (1908-1998), and others (obit index)

All U.S. Mennonite publications

The Carillon News (online)

Secular publication from Steinbach, Manitoba. (1945 – present.)

The Winnipeg Free Press (obits)

Manitoba’s largest newspaper

Mennonite Encyclopedia (online)

Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online (GAMEO)